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        3. Hotline

          0532-8656 8777
          Qingdao Xichengweiye Machinery Co.,Ltd. ounded in 1983, is a high-tech intelligent manufacturing enterprise which focus on Research and Development of Woodworking Machinery and Equipment, High-end Intelligent Manufacturing and Sales Service of Woodworking Machinery and Equipment. After more than 30 years of development and technology accumulation, we have transformed from a traditional single business enterprise of woodworking machinery and equipment manufacturing into an industry-leading overall solution and service provider of woodworking machinery and equipment. 

          Xichengweiye  have strong R & D capabilities and have established long-term cooperation in technology and talents with many domestic colleges, universities and research scientific research institutes. We have a most advanced and professional R & D team with more than 100 people. This excellent R & D team ensure continuous upgrade and iteration for our products and equipment. And it make us become the industry-leader in the field of woodworking machinery and equipment.

          Since the company was founded, we always adhering to the ”Make a  Centennial Company, Create a National Brand “ as our company tenant. By taking automation, numerical control and intelligent mid-to-high-end products as new strategic direction, We have been continuously improving and upgrading its core products according to accurate market demand. After years of concentrated development,  our product quality have reached the international advanced level. We have become an innovative leading brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing of panel furniture in China.

          ”Make a  Centennial Company, Create a National Brand “  is not only the grand ideal of Xichengweiye Machinery, but also the company's best interpretation of the "craftsman’s spirit". Our enterprise culture which pay more attention to the quality and focus on the innovation helps us win many cooperative partners. Our mainly products are (Automatic CNC cutting center , Automatic edge sealing machine,Automatic engraving machine, Automatic vacuum laminating machine,  Sand polishing machine, Post-molding package side machine, Precision cutting board saw, Woodworking drill, Platter, Shearing machine, Computer route ,ect. We have more than 20 series products and more than 100 kinds of different specifications and models. Our products sold well all over China, and meanwhile exported to the United States, Canada, Italy, France, North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, more than forty countries.

          After years of development, Xichengweiye Machinery have gained wide recognition in the market and established a good reputation in the industry, becoming a relatively competitive brand in the industry. The company's comprehensive research and development system, production management system and sales and after-sales service network throughout the country can provide our customers with timely and high-quality technical advice and installation and maintenance services.

          New era, New mission. Based on the national strategic "intelligent manufacturing" , we will continue to uphold the craftsman’s spirit, continue to provide colleagues in the furniture industry with more high-quality and efficient intelligent production equipment solutions, join hands and seek common development .

          TEL:0532-82520931 / 86568777 
          E-mail:keke0911@163.com / info@qingqin.com 
          Q Q:619148030 / 407342617 
          TEL:13386395938 / 13335032958 / 13386391858 
          13386390361 / 15318871319

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