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        3. Hotline

          0532-8656 8777
          Qingdao & Jinan Exhibition postponed until July
          XiKing will bring the panel board furniture production line solution to this Exhibitiont. During this exhibition, we will provide you with the overall layout plan of the overall production line.

          The main equipment for the exhibition:

          X7 Gantry Nesting Table CNC center

          MS1224 CNC Wooden Door Lock Machining Center

          FZ-680 Automatic J-type (inner arc) edge banding machine

          FZ-586 Automatic High Speed Edge Banding Machine-PUR

          Adhering to the philosophy of quality first and customer first, XiKing provides you with a one-stop service for a full range of panel board furniture production equipments, from CNC or computer panel sawing to edge banding machines, side hole machines or six sides NC boring machine and provide technical support such as equipment connection.
          TEL:0532-82520931 / 86568777 
          E-mail:keke0911@163.com / info@qingqin.com 
          Q Q:619148030 / 407342617 
          TEL:13386395938 / 13335032958 / 13386391858 
          13386390361 / 15318871319

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